Voltaic V75 Battery

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The V75 USB Battery Pack features 19,200mAh and is the ideal portable power bank for smartphones, tablets, and other USB electronics including DSLR cameras with optional USB Charging Cradle.

  • Optimized to Charge from Solar
  • Pass Through Charging
  • Dual USB Ports
  • Standard Always On Feature for IoT and Time-Lapse Projects




Size and Weight

  • 15.1 x 7.8 x 2.6 cm
  • 382 grams

V75 USB Battery

  • Capacity: 19,200mAh, 71 Watt Hours
  • Output: 5V/2A , 3A max (2 outputs)
  • MicroUSB Input: 5-6V/2A
  • USB-C (Input Only): 5V/2A
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Protection: Short circuit over charge, over discharge, over temperature (35℃ Input Cutoff, 45℃ Output Cutoff), under temperature (0℃ Input Cutoff, -20℃ Output Cutoff)
  • Safe for air travel (Carry-on Luggage Only)


  • V75 USB Battery Pack
  • USB - MicroUSB Charging Cable

Testing and Certifications

  • UN 38.3
  • IEC 62133
  • CE
  • FCC

Always On Mode

Battery features updated Always On technology as its standard state and will not shut off even if your device is drawing low or no power. There is no low current cutoff.

To stop charging your device, double tap the Power Level Button or disconnect from the battery. To resume charging, tap the Power Level Button once.

Battery recovers into Always On mode after discharge, over-temperature and under-temperature events. Power consumption in Always On mode is approximately 7mA.

Brand Voltaic

How it Works USB Chargers


Charges all USB Devices including all Apple, Android, Google, and Blackberry smartphones.

Charges all tablets that are powered by USB including Apple iPads and Samsung Tablets. Will not charge tablets that charge at 12 or 16 Volts such as a Microsoft Surface.

Digital Cameras:
Charges both DSLRs and cameras that charge from USB. For DSLRs, an optional camera charger cradle that matches your camera battery is required. Read our tutorial on solar camera charging.

Compatible with USB powered microcontrollers including Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more.

Device Charge Times

Device V75 Battery Smartphones DSLR Cameras 7” Tablets 12” Tablets
Number of Charges from Battery - 5.4 4.8 3.0 1.5
Hours to Charge from Solar Panel* 9.0 2.0 2.3 3.3 7.7

*Solar charge times based on use with the 10 Watt Solar Panel.

Battery can be recharged from a 6V solar panel or any USB or USB-C port.

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