Voltaic Large Solar Panel Bracket - VMOUNT-BRACKET LG


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Voltaic Large Solar Panel Bracket

Attach a one Voltaic 17 Watt Panel or two Voltaic 3.5 Watt panels to any vertical or horizontal pole or vertical pipe.

3mm aluminum bracket built to withstand high winds and rough conditions.

Bracket only - does not include u-bolt or pipe clamp.

Material: 3mm 6061 aluminum
Weight: 12.4 oz 350g
Angle from Horizontal: 40 degrees

Voltaic Solar Panels: 17 Watt Panel or two 3.5 Watt Panels
U-Bolt Compatibility for Vertical Pole: 0.75-2.56" (16-72mm), will support 1/2" pipe
U-Bolt Compatibility for Horizontal Pole: 0.75-2.0" (16-62mm), will support 1/2" pipe
Pipe Clamp Compatibility for Vertical Pole: +2.5" (+72mm)


Brand Voltaic

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