How can I solar charge my camera battery

Author: Steve Hegarty  

If your camera battery is able to be charged inside the camera via a USB port, then it you should be able to charge from solar products that have battery packs with USB output or direct from panels with a USB output, such as the Solar Tec. Super Charger, Voltaic 8W Arc, Goal Zero or from the Sunlinq 6.5 & 12 Watt panels using a USB 12v car adapter, although charging from a battery is recommended.

For camera batteries that require a cradle to charge from mains power, than apart from using an inverter with a large battery, you will need to use a battery cradle that can charge from USB or 12 volt. Universal camera chargers such as the CamCaddy2 are available, that can charge most, but not all 3.7 v-7.4v. from USB.

Your camera manufacture may also have a USB or 12v camera chargers available.

If your camera has a 12v cradle, with a car charger plug, then a product such as the Powermonkey Extreme with 12v, or one of the larger laptop chargers such as the Voltaic product or kit with a V72 battery or Goal Zero Sherpa or Yeti kit, should work. Or charge directly from Voltaic 4Watt Amp/Fuse and 12Watt Kit panels, using the optional 12v car socket, or from Sunlinq and Goal Zero panels. Some devices may not be compatible with direct charging.

Some DSLR batteries have a large capacity, and you should consider how often you will need to recharge them, and the amount of strong sunlight you expect, when choosing a solar charger.

There are quite a few variables such as how often do you want to charge your gadgets, is weight and issue and so on, so if you aren't sure please feel free to give us a call on 1300 883 335 or send us an email