Standby Energy Savers

Reduce your electricity bill - it makes sense to monitor what appliances are using the most electricity, then do something about reducing your electricity bill.  Some appliances use almost as much energy in standby mode as they do when turned on.  In fact some studies show that approximately 10% of electricity in homes is wasted by standby power!  See our save electricity section for hints that our customers have sent us.

We have a range of Energy Monitors to help you identify which of your devices are using the most electricity, so you can cut your electricity bills.  Once you know which of your appliances use the most electricity you can then have a look at our wide range of energy saving standby products.  Many of these products allow you to turn a range of products off either remotely or with one switch. 

With many branded products you are assured of quality.  If you have any questions about these products please give us a call on 1300 883335 or email us .

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