Solar Battery Charger ST - CamCaddy 2: Universal Charger for camera batteries - STCC1010

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Solar Technology CamCaddy 2

Product Overview : 

  • Redesigned from the ground up the all new CamCaddy2 adds a host of enhanced features to deliver even better and faster battery charging performance
  • Compact and lightweight, the CamCaddy2 provides universal charging for a full range of block style digital SLR, video and compact camera batteries, thanks to its unique contact sliders and its smart electronics that auto set the correct voltage to ensure safe and fast charging.
  • Supplied with a USB connection cable, CamCaddy2 can be powered from a lap top, PC or USB mains / car plug.
  • If your travels take you beyond grid power, CamCaddy2 is fully compatible with Solar Technology's Freeloader iSIS, Pico2 and Supercharger 5w range of solar chargers

Technical Specification

  • Outputs : Twin connection tips (positive and negative)
  • Inputs : Micro USB charging Input 12v DC charging input
  • Size : 55mm x 106mm x 24mm
  • Weight : 65g
  • Warranty : 2 Years

Whats Included.

  • Camcaddy 2
  • Charging cable
  • Instruction manual


Brand Freeloader

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