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Voltaic V88 Laptop Battery - V88

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V88 Laptop Battery -

NEW! This lightweight 24,000 mAh / 88 Wh laptop battery pack will power most laptops (including MacBooks with optional adapter), tablets, smartphones and digital cameras.

Overview :

  • Optimized For Solar Charging
  • USB-C Power Delivery (up to 45W)
  • Hi-Voltage Laptop Port (12V, 16V, 19V or 24V)
  • USB Quick Charge 3.0
  • Always On Mode
  • Included AC Charger

Features :

V88 Laptop Battery

  • Capacity: 24,000 mAh / 88.8 Watt Hours
  • Output: 5V/2A USB, 5V/3A USB-C, and 12V/6A, 16V/5A, 19V/4.5A, 24V 3.5A
  • USB QC: 5V/3A, 3.6V-12V, 18W Max.
  • USB-C PD: 5V/3A-20V/2.2A
  • Input: 14-25V, 3A
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer
  • Protection: Short Circuit, Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over Current, Over Temperature

Size and Weight

  • 1.5 pounds (702g)
  • 21.8cm x 13.7cm x 2.2cm

Charge Time : 2.5-3 hours from included AC charger



  1. V88 Laptop Battery
  2. Car Charger Socket - 5.5 x 2.5mm - charges devices that have a car charger
  3. Laptop Output Cable - connects to Laptop Adapters
  4. Standard Laptop Adapters
  5. 100-240 Volt AC Charger - charges V88 battery from AC
Brand Voltaic

  • Smartphones: Charges all USB and USB- C devices, including all Apple iPhones and Android smartphones, using the manufacturer's standard charging cable.

    Tablets: Charges all known tablets using the manufacturer's USB charging cable. For tablets that charge at 12V, please see below:

    Microsoft: Surface Tablets require an optional Microsoft Surface 2 Cable - VSURFACEPRO2 or optional Voltaic Surface Pro 3 & 4 Cable - VSURFACEPRO3-4. Set the V88's output to 12 Volts for Surface tablets.

    ASUS: Transformer Tablets require the optional FUSB - 5521 adapter used with your own ASUS Transformer USB Cable. Set the V88s output to 12 Volts for Asus tablets.

    Digital Cameras: Charges both DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras that charge from USB. For DSLRs,battery charging optional Solar Battery Charger ST - CamCaddy 2: Universal Charger for camera batteries - STCC1010 camera charger is available if required.

    Laptops: Charges nearly all 15" laptops or smaller. Additional details and known exceptions follow.

    USB-C Laptops: Quickly charge your USB-C laptop from the USB-C PD Output using a USB-C PD rated cable (not included).

    Acer: Use our included "N" or "E" adapters

    Apple: Pre-June 2012 laptops require the optional Voltaic Magsafe Adapter - VMAG. Post June-2012 laptops require the optional Voltaic Magsafe 2 - VMAG2. For newer MacBooks that charge from USB-C, use the Apple USB-C Charge Cable that came with your device.

    ASUS: Most use either the included battery output cable or included "N" or "L" adapters. UX, Q200, S200 Series require our optional 4.0 x 1.35mm adapter.

    Dell: Use the included "J" or "I2" adapters for some Dell laptops. Dell Inspiron / Latitude / STUDIO / VOSTRO series laptops require our optional Dell 7.4mm adapter. Dell Ultrabook / XPS series laptops require an optional Dell 4.5mm adapter.

    HP: Some older HPs use the included "J" adapter. Envy series uses included "D" adapter. HP Business / COMPAQ / Pavilion / Elitebook series laptops will require our optional HP 7.4mm adapter. Other HPs may require an HP 4.5mm adapter.

    Lenovo: Use included "K" or "M" (rectangular) adapter

    Panasonic Toughbook: Use included Voltaic battery output cable

    Samsung: Most modern Samsung use included "E2" or "Q" adapter. Sony VAIO: Duo and Pro use included "D" adapter Toshiba: Most use included Voltaic battery output cable.

    AA / AAA Chargers: If your device (headlamp, flashlight, radio, etc.) uses rechargeable AA / AAA batteries, confirm the device can safely charge from a 2A power supply, before charging from the V72/V88 USB port. To ensure safe charging to your AA / AAA batteries, consider using our VUSB AA/AAA Charger

    Medical Devices: Not compatible with any medical devices, including CPAP machines.

  • 7X smartphone charges from Voltaic battery
  • 4X tablet charges from Voltaic battery
  • 2.5X tablet charges from Voltaic battery
  • 1X laptop charges
  • 5X DSLR charges

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