Solar Charger FAQ

Author: Steve Hegarty  

Global Solar FAQs

Global Solar Product FAQ's

  • Can Flex solar chargers be connected in parallel? Can they be connected in series?

    Yes, you can connect 2 or more solar chargers in parallel with the SAE Y Cable featured on the accessories page.
    We do not recommend connecting Flex portable solar chargers in series. The 6 and 12 watt panels have a built-in voltage diode, so you can not exceed 15 volts. If you need more than 12 volts, consider the P3-62 watt 24 volt panel.

  • Will Flex panels work for my application?

    Please see our pages on laptop charging and compatible devices for more information. If you’re not sure what size solar panel you need, take a look at the charts below each product.

  • How fast will a Flex portable solar charger charge my device?

    Please see the solar application chart on the product information page .

  • What are the similarities and differences between the Sunlinq (6.5, 12, & 25 watt) and P3 (30 & 62 watt) products?
    • Both Sunlinq and P3 products are made from the same Global Solar solar cells and materials. Both also have a junction box, reverse current diode, and SAE trailer plug for connectivity to our accessory kit.
    • The differences between the Sunlinq and P3 products are:
      • Sunlinq 6.5 & 12 watt modules have a built in voltage cap at 15 volts. P3-30 & P3-62 watt panels have no built in current regulation. They require an external charge controller or voltage limiter.
      • Sunlinq products come packaged in a retail box and include a 5 piece accessory kit. P3 products come packaged in a foam poach and are sold separately from accessories.
      • Sunlinq products provide a 1-year limited power warranty; P3 products a 2-year limited power warranty.
      • P3 products meet Mil-STD-810 approval, the series of standard environmental tests adopted by the United States Army.
  • How does solar charging an auxiliary battery connected to a laptop computer work?


    • Solar charging an auxiliary battery connected to a laptop computer works in the following case:
      Bren-tronics 2590 rechargeable with the Lind specific laptop adapter. The Lind adapter can pass through the solar power to the laptop and supplement with the Bren-tronics 2590 battery. Any leftover solar power not used by the Lind adapter and laptop can be stored in the Bren-tronics 2590 battery pack.
    • Solar charging an auxiliary battery disconnected from a laptop computer works in the following case:
      The Tekkeon 3450 & 3700 battery pack must be charged by the solar panel first, then disconnected from the solar charger before it charges the laptop computer. The Tekkeon battery pack can pass through the solar power to the laptop but cannot supplement with the power stored in the battery pack. If the laptop computer draws more power than the solar power can produce then the laptop will disconnect and operate from its internal battery.