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USB AA/AAA Battery Charger

 Recharge your AA or AAA rechargeable batteries (NiMH only) from USB or from solar with our USB AA/AAA Charger.

  • Charges four (4) AA or AAA NiMH batteries
  • Compatible with any Voltaic Battery Pack, Voltaic 6 Volt solar panel or Voltaic 10W Arc Solar Charger.
  • Includes a USB Charging Cable
  • Does not include Batteries

Size and weight

7.4 x 6.6 x 3.2 cm





USB AA / AAA Charger

USB Charging Cable

Allows AA and AAA batteries to be charged from any USB port or Voltaic battery pack.

DOES NOT INCLUDE: NiMH Rechargeable AA or AAA batteries.

Brand Voltaic

To Charge:

Insert 2 or 4 AA AAA NiMH batteries into the charger (or a combination of 2x AA and 2x AAA batteries).

Using the included USB to Micro USB charging cable, plug into any USB port or Voltaic battery pack. Lights on charger will change to green when full.

Compatible With:

AA or AAA nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries (any capacity),

Voltaic 6 Volt solar panels with micro USB plug Voltaic F3.5x1.1 to Micro USB connector - V3511mUSB

For panels with switchable voltage, make sure circuit box is set to 6V.


WARNING: Not compatible with non-rechargeable Alkaline AA or AAA batteries. DO NOT attempt to charge these batteries for any reason.

Charge Times:

Charge time for 2300mAh AA NiMH battery from USB supply: 13 hours

Charge time for 2300mAh AA NiMH battery from 2W solar panel: 8.5 hours

*NOTE* Charge times vary based on mAh capacity of the battery

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