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Freeplay Encore Player with MP3

The Encore Player is a solar and dynamo powered multi-band radio, mobile phone charger, MP3 player and recorder designed for use in off-grid communities by small and larger groups of people. Often used by the humanitarian sector for distance education.
Powered by a solar panel and a fail-safe winding mechanism the Encore Player has outstanding speaker quality and can deliver educational or informational content anytime anywhere.

The Freeplay Encore Player has a broad range of features based on what users said that they wanted.

These include:

  • FM: 88-108 MHz
  • AM (MW): 500-1700 kHz
  • SW1: 3-10 Mhz
  • SW2: 10-22 Mhz
  • SD Card Player - Store 125 audiobooks on a single 32GB SD card.
  • Pre-set or locally recorded content can be used.
  • Store up to 32GB of pre-loaded content in any subject or language.
  • Radio or live voice recordings for playback later
  • Outstanding speaker quality - 5 Watts
  • Electricy independent using solar or wind-up technology
  • Mobile phone charging - USB  5V 400mA charging cable and phone tips Note: To charge an iPhone you will need a V3511- FUSB connector
  • Supports distance education
  • In-build reading light - Bright LEDs (2 x 50,000 hours life)
  • Anytime MP3 Playback
  • LCD digital display for ease of use

Solar Power

  • 2 watt external solar panel with 3m cord
  • Integrated solar panel
  • Integrated mobile phone charger

Manual Power Self-charge via crank handle

  • 1 minute winding provides:
  • 30 minutes radio playback at low volume
  • 20 minutes radio playback at higher volume
  • 50 minutes of light at economy setting
  • 25 minutes of light on bright setting


  • 32GB SD card
  • Storage for 125 audiobooks (on SD card)
  • Preset or locally recorded content usable
  • Record directly from radio
  • Voice recording directly to SD card

Performance Parameters

Fully charged battery

  • Fully charging the Encore Player battery will take approximately 6 to 8 hours using the external solar panel
  • A fully charged battery will operate the Encore Player for 30 hours on low volume and 10 hours at high volume
  • To charge the battery via Adaptor/DC will take approximately 5 hours

External 2W Solar Panel

  • 1 hour in the sun provides energy for approximately 6 to 8 hours of radio playtime at medium volume.
  • 1 hour in the sun provides energy for approximately 8 hours of light on bright setting and 12 to 14 hours on economy setting.
  • Player should be powered by the external solar panel for optimum solar performance in solar conditions


  • 1 minute winding provides energy for 45 to 60 minutes of radio playtime at low volume and 30 minutes at higher volume.
  • 1 minute winding provides energy for 60 minutes of light at economy setting and 30 minutes on bright setting

Mobile Phone Charging

  • 1 hour in the sun (external 2W panel) provides energy for approximately 20 minutes of talk time.
  • 1 minute of winding provides energy for approximately 3 minutes of mobile phone talk time, and several hours of standby time (smart phones use more power so these will reduce).
  • It will take approximately 3 hours of sunlight (external panel) to recharge a standard mobile phone

Dimensions of Gift Box

  • Length: 157mm
  • Depth: 138mm
  • Height: 293mm
  • Weight: 1601g


Brand Freeplay

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