Guardian Dual Function Signal Light - EGG [Colour: White ]

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Guardian Dual Function Adventure Light  -  "TO SEE & BE SEEN"

The Guardian Dual Function Adventure Light is easily seen when practicing your favorite outdoor activitiesand adventures, The Guardian Dual Function Adventure Light  is the lightest, brightest, toughest light in its class!  Just clip it on and go!  It's very lightweight, yet tough and durable, it will not restrict movement and may be attached anywhere.  Affordable, wearable safety whenever you need to be seen in the dark.  Thanks to the patented Reverse Polarity program Switching TM  technology, the function of the light can be changed between flashing and steady on modes by simply flipping the battery over.

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  • Jogging, Walking,
  • Hiking, Trekking
  • Camping, Fishing
  • Boating, Sailing, Kayaking, Surf Skiing, Canoeing
  • Diving, Snorkling, Surfing & Swimming
  • Cycling to Mountian Biking
  • Absailing, Rockclimbing, Mountaineering
  • Walking the dog
  • Emergency Personal Lighting
  • Children's personal safety
  • Power outages
  • Auto breakdowns
  • Map reading
  • Dog search and rescue.


  • Be Seen from up to 5km away
  • Waterproof up to 100 metres
  • Be seen from all sides with our unique optics. (Omni-directional light)
  • Extremely lightweight, weighs less than 20g ( with battery and clip.)
  • Tough construction, high impact and scratch resistant
  • Works from -40°  to 50° C (122° F)
  • Twist lens to turn on or off
  • All coloured Guardians will not affect user's night vision
  • Battery already installed

Dual Function featuring both

  • STEADY-ON and

Specifications : 

  • Size: 3.8 x 3.5 x 0.5cm
  • Flashing signal mode: 120 flashes per minute
  • Case, clip and lens material: High-impact resistant thermoplastic
  • Coin cell lithium battery: works well in cold temperature


Brand Adventure Lights

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