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Watts Clever Easy Off TV/Audio Control Socket with Infra Red Receiver - Reduce Standby Energy - MPP6146

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The Easy-Off socket is designed to allow you to ensure that your TV and other connected AV equipment isfully turned off and not left in standby mode overnight or whilst you are out. This will help you to use less energy, reduce your CO2 emissions, and save on your electricity costs.

The product has a double learning function. Firstly it will learn to work with any button on your existing TV remote control, secondly it will learn the standby power levels of the connected appliances and equipment.

Simply yet effective at helping you to ensure that you turn your AV equipment off.

The Easy-Off socket works in two ways.

A built in electronic sensor will sense the standby power levels when all your connected equipment is connected via power strip and placed in standby mode. When it senses that level again it will automatically turn off the power to all connected equipment. This level can be reset at any time.

Secondly it will learn to function with any button you choose on your existing IR remote control. This button is then used to turn the socket back on again. Again this button can be reset at any time.

  • Voltages 240V/ 10 amps
  • Maximum Load is 2400 watts
  • Power Consumption less than 1watt
  • 1.3metre cable for the IR sensor eye
  • Power on indicator light
  • Auto learning for standby power level
  • Learning function for the IR control button
  • Swivel IR eye for easy placement
  • Adhesive sticker on the IR eye
  • Can be use with an exisiting power strip (up to the maximum load)

Easily turn off all connected equipment

Works with your existing remote control

No more wasted standby energy

Save energy, save money

Can be used with a powerboard

Simple to set up and use

Dimensions: 128(H) x 65(W) x 40(D)mm



Brand Watts Clever

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