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TrickleStar PC TrickleSaver

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It's estimated that standby power can contribute up to 5 - 10% residential electricity bills !

The PC Tricklesaver can help fight vampire power by attaching it to your computer, and stopping the flow of standby power consumed by your PC peripherals such as printers, modems, speakers, scanners, etc. when they are in 'standby' mode. Standard powerboards simply aren't able to deliver this energy saving functionality.

There are many devices which are not needed when you switch off the main appliance.  How often do you turn your printer or scanner off when you turn your PC off? They are often just sitting burning up standby power. An easy way to reduce your electricity bill is to remember to turn off your appliances when they are not in use. The TrickleSaver products make it easy to do so!

TrickleSaver has inbuilt current sensing circuitry to sense when a computer is on or Off. When the computer is 'on' the product will switch on all peripheral devices. Conversely when the computer is 'off', the product will switch off all accessories powered by the TrickleSaver.

TrickleStar’s ‘TrickleSaver’ products – designed for PCs and TV accessories and other electrically powered products – will help to reduce individual and family ‘environmental footprints’ AND electricity bills by reducing standby power!

The PC TrickleSavers is typically connected to a standard electrical powerboard in order to power a number of connected devices.

The PC TrickleSaver is reliable, cost-effective, easy to use, environmentally friendly.


The PC TrickleSaver requires the PC to switched off completely.
The PC TrickleSaver will not work when a PC is placed into a sleep / hibernation state.
If you require peripheral devices to switch off in a sleep / hibernation state, a TV TrickleSaver should be used.

Certain manufacturers of products containing hard disk drives do not recommend hard switching off of their products.
We recommend reviewing the manufacturers documentation prior to use of a PC TrickleSaver with these products.


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