Freeplay ML-1 Mini Lantern - FPML1

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Freeplay's new ML-1 Mini Lantern

Freeplay's new ML-1 Mini Lantern is the answer to practically all portable lighting needs.  It is the best self sufficient rechargeable lantern on the market today.  And it's friendly to the environment. The Freeplay Energy ML-1 Mini Lantern is a compact, dependable lantern ideal for most portable illumination requirements.  It is principally a scaled version of the Indigo lantern, retaining the visual identity but reducing in size to 75% of the Indigo.

Light Source:

  • Cluster: 4 Wide angle Ultra Bright white 5mm LEDs;
  • Single LED: Ultra Bright white 5 mm LED.

Shine Time:

  • Cluster – Night Light: 100 hours (from a fully charged battery) or 1 hour (from a 60-second wind).
  • Cluster – Maximum Bright: 8 hours (from a fully charged battery) or 7 minutes (from a 60-second wind).
  • Single LED: 40 hours (from a fully charged battery) or 45 minutes (from a 60-second wind).

AC adapter:

  • Charge rate: 3 hours – 90% capacity.
  • AC adapter included: 6V 500mA AC adapter (1.3mm centre pin positive jack).

Size: 170 x 65 x 60 mm


Brand Freeplay

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