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Freeplay Energy Centre - FPEC

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The Freeplay Energy Centre™

The Freeplay Energy Centre is a solar powered lighting system and mobile phone charger.

  • Camping: Tent lighting, Caravan Annexe Lighting, Campsite Lighting
  • Home:  Shed Lighting, Entertainment Area Lighting.
  • Offgrid Living:  Home lighting, Area Lighting.

Why Freeplay Energy Centre?

  • Protect family health by reducing exposure to pollutants
  • Allow good reading light for children to study at night
  • Provide a charging point for mobile phones and other portable devices
  • Eliminate the risk of fire from a candle or kerosene lantern
  • Save money – sunlight is free
  • Many many more uses!

The kit has built-in overcharge and over-discharge protection, is compact, and is designed to be up and running in minutes. Each kit is supplied with one 4-watt crystalline solar panel, a power pack with lithium battery and controller, two bright LED bulbs each with a clear lens and connecting cables.

Shine Time ( Fully Charged Battery ) : 

  • 2 x LED Bulb : 6 hrs
  • 1 x LED Bulb : 12 hrs

Features :

The Freeplay Energy Centre is the perfect solution for people living off grid. It uses solar energy to provide lighting and to charge mobile devices.

  • Simple to set up
  • Power source - solar panel or AC
  • adapter (optional)
  • Rechargeable & replaceable battery
  • Charging indicator
  • Bulbs with on/off switch
  • Mobile phone USB charger
  • Compact – lower cost shipping

Specification :

  • Solar Panel : 4 Watt/ 11 Volt Crystalline
  • Solar Panel Cable Length : 5 Metres
  • Battery : 7.4Volt 2200mAH Lithium
  • 2 x LED Bulb : 50 000 Hours Life  1 Watt Super Bright LED,  Rainproof
  • LED Driver : Constant Current Driver
  • 2 x LED Bulb Cable Length : 5 Metres
  • Mobile Phone Charging : Constant Voltage Supply
  • Working time: After battery has been fully charged:
    • 2 x LED Bulbs 6 Hours
    • 1 x LED Bulb 12 Hours
  • Charge time with Solar Panel * Under good sunshine
    • 3 Hours : 50%
    • 4 Hours : 70%
    • 6 Hours : 100%



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