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Freeplay Encore Digital Display Solar and Wind Up Radio with Mobile Phone Charging

Communication, light and power are essential elements in coping with an emergency and Freeplay Energy’s radios, lanterns, torches and chargers are designed to help you weather any crisis. This Encore Digital Display Radio has it all in one. Founded on safe, reliable and tested technology, Freeplay products will give you the support you need, when you need it.

Solar, wind-up, multiband radio with dual LED lighting and dedicated mobile phone charging feature. The Encore Digital features an attractive digital LCD screen, enabling accurate tuning for even hard to find stations. Frequencies are displayed in a a large, clear, easy-to-read format.

  • Digital Display FM/AM/SW
  • Integral and detachable solar panel
  • Failsafe winding mechanism
  • Dual LED lighting
  • DC adaptor charging 
  • Mobile Phone Charging -  Note: To charge an iPhone you will need a V3511- FUSB connector

Features :

  • Self - Charge :
    A large glass-reinforced nylon handle with comfortable knob harnesses human energy by cranking. The handle is connected to the high efficiency 3-phase alternator via a rugged transmission. Spur gears co-moulded with dissimilar materials give optimum gear meshing. The alternator has an 8W to 10W (electrical, continuous) rating, which is double the power generated by the average user. Over-vigorous winding will not damage the radio and in fact all the generated power will be conserved and stored.
  • Solar Panel :
    Both integrated and external solar panel options are available. A polycrystalline 5V 30mA solar panel is integrated into the rear of the radio. An optional accessory 5V 50mA solar panel with a 2-metre nylon-filament-reinforced cord attaches to the rear quadrant of the radio for storage.
  • Power Management :
    A rechargeable NiMH 3 or 4 cell battery pack stores energy. An automatic low-voltage cut-out senses when the battery has reached a low discharge state and isolates the battery from its load. This prevents a damaging over-discharge of the battery. The radio will play for approx 30 minutes at normal volume per 30-second wind at 130 RPM
  • Lighting :
    The Encore has an optional lighting feature. Two ultra-bright LEDs are fitted into lenses in the frequency window. When switched on these LEDs illuminate an area in front of the radio for tasks or reading.
  • Mobile Phone Charging :
    The radio's power generation system may be used to charge a mobile phone. This power output is configured to standard USB protocol.
  • Other Charging Option :
    The radio may be recharged by a DC adaptor. The radio may also be used to power or recharge another device.
  • Speaker :
    4-inch, 5 W, 8-ohm loudspeaker
  • Antenna :
    FM and SW: User replaceable 680mm flexible steel wire antenna. AM (MW): Internal extra length ferrite rod antenna
  • Frequencies :
    • FM: 88-108 MHz
    • AM (MW): 500-1700 kHz
    • SW1 3-10 Mhz
    • SW2 10-22 Mhz
  • Dimensions :
    • Height: 257mm
    • Width: 127mm
    • Depth: 108mm
    • Weight: 1080g


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