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AA & AAA Battery Charger - STSC8090

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AA & AAA Battery Charger

  • Power NIMH or NiCad AA and AAA, rechargeable batteries (2 at a time) either using power provided by a Freeloader Solar Charger or by the "chargers" in built USB connector.
  • Keeps GPS, radios, clocks, remote controls, head torches, digital cameras and many more devices powered anywhere anytime!
  • THE smallest and lightest AA and AAA battery charger on the planet can charge 2 x AA or AAA NIMH or NiCad batteries from either a Freeloader Solar Charger or from its in built USB connector.
  • Supplied with 2 x 1300mAh AA, NIMH batteries the typical charging times from a Freeloader are 1 to 2 hours (up to 75% full charge) hours * and from the USB 3 to 4 hours**
  • Uniquely the AA & AAA Battery Charger can also deliver power to Freeloader.

For example, its midnight, you want to use your out of power iPod, Freeloader's battery is flat and there is no day light to recharge it. Simply insert 2 AA or AAA Duracell or similar batteries into the charger, connect it to the Freeloader using the supplied cable and within a short while the power will be delivered from the batteries into Freeloader ready to power your device.

The "charger" also houses a super bright LED which can be used as a permanent torch or a "press to use" flash light.

Built in a tough but stylish rubberised case, the AA & AAA Battery Charger is tough enough to take the knocks of every day life and keeps GPS, radio's, clocks, remote controls, head torches, digital camera's and many more devices powered anywhere anytime!

* Charge times assume a fully charged Freeloader battery powering the**supplied 1300mAh AA Batteries.

Larger capacity batteries can be charged but will take longer than the above stated times.


Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 85 x 37 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 54 g (including 2x AA batteries)
  • Recharged sizes: AAA, AA
  • Battery types that can be charged; NIMH and NiCad
  • In built connector type: USB
  • Compatible with: Freeloader
  • Input Voltage: 5.5v DC
  • Description: World's lightest and smallest AA and AAA battery charger Ideal for all travellers.
  • Charging Current: 150 – 300 mAh
  • Control functions: Battery charge indicators giving information about the charging status of the unit and the level of power in the batteries

Charging time:

  • 3 to 4 hours from USB (full charge)
  • 1 to 2 hours from freeloader (up to 75% charge)

Supplied with:

  • 2 x AA 1300mAh NIMH batteries
  • 1 x AAA reducer adaptor
  • 1 x Freeloader charging cable
  • 1 x detailed user instructions



Brand Freeloader

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