Voltaic Fuse 4W Portable Solar Charger with V15 Battery - VFUSE4W15

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Voltaic Fuse 4W Portable Solar Charger with V15 Battery

The Fuse Solar Charger is a lightweight way to add solar and battery power to any bag. It give you portable solar power by connecting in seconds to bags, tents, bicycles - ideal for giving you solar power off the grid for any adventure, expedition or trek.  It has more watts and a larger battery capacity when you compare the Voltaic Fuse Solar Charger to other small portable solar charging options.

Solar Charger Specifications:

  • Two 2.0 watt solar panels generate power in sunlight. They are waterproof, lightweight and rugged.
  • Power: 4 watts total peak output at 6 or 12 Volts (selectable depending on charging application). 5 hours in the sun fully charges a typical mobile phone, 1 hour in the sun = 1.5 hours talk time.  The V15 battery gives upt to 14 hours of talk time or 68 hours of music playback.
  • Included battery charges efficiently from solar and stores power for use anytime. When not in the sun, it can be charged using the USB Power Cable or optional AC travel charger or DC car charger, making it just as useful on the grid as off. Charge devices from the USB Port using your own cable or the included Micro USB and Mini USB adapters.
  • Charge time: V15 battery fully charges from 9 hours of direct sun or using any USB port or optional DC or AC chargers.
  • Capacity: 4,000mAh, 15-watt hour capacity
  • Output: 5 V, 1000 mA via USB port
  • Input: 5-6 V, 1000 mA
  • Connect to Devices via the USB Port or the included Mini or Micro USB tips.
  • NOTE: You can upgrade the V15 battery to a V44 Battery. (link Below)
  • If you can obtain a car charger for your digital camera or mobile phone you can solar charge them by purchasing the optional Voltaic Car Charger Socket.

Bag Specifications:

  • Size: 29 x 18 x 4cm
  • Weight: 600 grams including battery and solar panels
  • Attachment Mechanisms: Includes two 1" straps with two male/female clipsets and two buckles; a 3/4" strap with two sets of male/female clips. Will clip into standard 3/4" and 1" buckles on backpacks. Female clips can be attached to any "loop" or standard attachment point on a bag or tent.
  • Fabric: 600D shell made from recycled PET (soda bottles),which is
  • waterproof, lightweight and UV resistant
  • Volume: 0.8 litres, enough room for Voltaic battery, adapters and cables, phone and small camera.


Brand Voltaic

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