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How can I solar charge my camera battery

3.7V batteries - If you have a compact camera with a 3.7V battery it is more straightforward as most of our smaller solar chargers are 5V chargers and something like the Voltaic AMP or the Voltaic Fuse would great if you have either a car charger or a USB charger for your camera battery, otherwise you might also have to purchase something like the Freeloader Camcaddy, which is a universal camera battery charger.

7.4V batteries - With the 7.4V batteries things change a little as the 5V systems aren't powerful enough to give your battery a charge.  Also we will need to consider the cradle as you will need a 12V car battery connection (USB is typically only 5V so won’t be powerful enough).  There are few options below.....

Option 1:  Freeloader Pro with Camcaddy…. This is one of the smaller chargers and the bonus is that it has a Universal Camera Cradle, but it has a 9V setting so can charge larger camera batteries, such as DSLR with 7.4V batteries.   The Freeloader’s battery is 1600 mAh so you would need to check the mAh of your battery.  It would take on average about 7-10 hours  to charge the Freeloader in good sun.  So if you think you can work with 1600mAh of power from 7- 10 hours of sun this is a good option.  The Freeloader ‘s panel outputs approx 1watt of power.  You can add an optional extra with the Freeloader Supercharger, which attaches to backpacks and the Freeloader slides in to it.  It gives an extra 1.8Watts, so 2.9Watts in total charging the battery in around 4 hours.


Option 2: Voltaic AMP plus a Camcaddy.  The Voltaic AMP outputs 4Watts of power with a 3000 mAh battery, so it holds enough to typically charge a camera battery and and iPod or mobile phone.  It would take approx. 6-7 hours of good sun to fill a battery with 3000 mAh of power.  The Camcaddy is a universal battery charger with a 12V charging option.  The main downside to this is that you would not be able to draw power from the Voltaic’s battery as it’s only 5V but you can unplug the battery from the Voltaic and plug the Camcaddy in to the solar panel for a direct charge via a 12V socket.

Option 3: If you have DSLR and several other gadgets such as an iPhone, iPod, iPad, laptop etc and you need to power them on your trip regularly you might think about investing in the Voltaic Array Solar Backpack or the Voltaic 10W Fuse (the same as the Array but a different bag system).  The advantages of these products is that they have a powerful V60 battery in the kit (but yet still lightweight), with multiple voltage settings.  The 10W Solar panel charges the V60 battery then you can draw power from the battery when the sun goes down.

There are quite a few variables such as how often do you want to charge your gadgets, is weight and issue and so on, so if you aren't sure please feel free to give us a call on 1300 883335 or send us an email info@multipoweredproducts.com.au