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Best emergency radio and torch?

With a wide range of emergency solar and crank radios in stock people often ask which radio should I choose?

If the radio or torch is for your emergency kit then a radio that doesn't need batteries is often high on the list of priorities.  Often a small radio is plugged in to the wall or it may be left in a cupboard unused for some time and when you actually need the radio or torch the batteries are flat. 

Most of our radios and torches are crank or wind up and a lot of them also have a solar charging option, so eliminating the need for mains power or alkaline batteries.  When you need them to listen to local radio stations in times of an emergency or you need a torch, simply wind up and you instantly have power without foraging for batteries.  This is for emergencies so often a 60 minute wind will a ball park average of 15 minutes play time or shine time. Often these radios and torches will also come with an alternative source of power such as an adapter or a USB charging option so the wise thing would be to check your radio or torch every month and perhaps give it a full power boost to save some effort on your part when you need to use them.

Freeplay and Eton are two of the most respected and reliable brands of emergency radios and torches on the market often used by Aid agencies in remote locations.

The Freeplay Companion Radio is the smallest and most economical option in our Emergency Radio range.  With the Freeplay Encore having the largest speaker.

Most of these radios also have an emergency mobile phone charging option too as they often have a USB port, but bear in mind that again it's more for a few minutes of emergency talk time rather than an everyday mobile phone charger.