Nokero Shavano Large Solar Light Globe - ZN220

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Nokero Large Solar Light Globe

Product Overview :

  • The Nokero Shavano (N220) Solar Light Bulb is a very bright, all-in-one solar LED light that fits in the palm of your hand. Its lead-free rechargeable, recyclable batteries are powered by the world’s most efficient commercially-available solar panel.
  • Twice as bright at the Crestone (N200), the Shavano is bright enough to replace most traditional electric lights, and is a useful light in the home or workplace. Use it to light your patio, garden, or walkway. Charge it by day and use it indoors as night.
  • The Shavano also provides reliable lighting for the quarter of the world's population that lives without electricity. It is relied upon by professionals in diverse fields such as health care, education, and economic growth delivering services to some of the world’s most impoverished regions.
  • For work or play, whether you have other lighting options or are "off the grid," the Shavano is the solar light you've been waiting for.
  • The environmentally-friendly light is weather proof, durable and long-lasting. Nokero has been designed with high-efficiency solar panels and high-temp batteries that can withstand the Australian outback's extreme heat. It's also designed to automatically switch off in bright light to save charge.


  • Daily operation time: 3.5 hours (high), 6 hours (low)
  • Number of LEDs: 1
  • Product dimensions: L 11.7 cm, W 11.5 cm, H 17 cm
  • Product weight: 170 g
  • Switch type: Push 3-way hi-off-low
  • Bright home and patio lighting
  • Larger, brighter than N200
  • Push-button three-way switch (hi-low-off)


Brand Nokero

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