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HYmini is a handheld personal wind generator, universal charger/adapter device that harnesses renewable wind power / solar power and conventional wall plug power to recharge almost all your 5V digital gadgets.  HYmini is a mini green power station that fits in the palm of your hand.  It's the perfect power source for cyclists.  Power your mobiles phones or other gadgets whilst cycling along!  Add solar power to your wind power when you stop pedling to keep the power flowing by adding the mini solar panel (optional extra)

The HYmini Deluze combines the HYmini with the mini Solar panel to give you an additional way of charging your HYmini.

How Does the HYmini Simplify Your Life?

Choose your power source including:

    • Conventional 100~240V wall plug charging for your home and office.
    • Laptop or desktop USB outlet.
    • miniSOLAR panels - Link to increase capacity.
    • Built-in supplemental wind powered generator.
  • Universal adaptability for mobile devices
  • Wireless charging with wind and sun
  • No need to carry extra power source 1200mAh lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery
  • No additional software required.
  • Lightweight / handheld / compact green portable power bank


Solar Energy is free.  Capture the energy of the sun with the miniSOLAR Panel

  • Link up to 4 to increase capacity of the HYmini wind turbine
  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Recycled cardboard paper packaging


Nokia Type 1 (Small round)

Nokia Type 2 (Micro USB)

Motorola Type 1 (mini USB)

Motorola Type 2 (Micro USB)

LG Type 1

Samsung Type 1

LG Type 2

Samsung Type 2

DC to DC Included separately

iPod & iPhone powered via the USB port

Nintendo DS

Sony PSP


Brand HYmini

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