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Freeplay Emergency Radio and Indigo Lantern

Freeplay Companion Radio

If you need a small radio for travelling or emergency preparedness this is the radio for you!  No batteries needed, either use natures very own power, the sun to solar power the radio, or if it's a cloudy day, just use your own power to wind the radio up to hear what's going on.

The Freeplay Companion Radio promises assured listening, anytime, anywhere.  This compact solar radio with a wind up option is a robust radio that boasts a rubberised body with recessed control knobs for impact resistance and comfort.  Big on functionality, but small in size, the Freeplay Companion is a solar and wind up radio, a flashlight and a mobile phone charger that fits easily into your bag, your glove box or your drawer – ready when you need it, where you need it.  The AM/FM radio has an earphone socket for personal listening.  The flashlight has 3 LEDs with optics optimised for a focused light.  The integrated mobile phone charger means that you’ll never be out of touch because of dead batteries.

Freeplay Indigo Plus Solar and Wind up Lantern

Now the Freeplay Indigo Lantern has a solar power source as well as the wind up, and USB power options.  Indigo Plus is Freeplay Energy’s latest lighting product with its ability to charge mobile phones and its nine ultra-bright LED lights, this compact, versatile, variable brightness lantern eliminates the need for expensive batteries and dangerous kerosene.

The ideal lantern for camping, caravaning, fishing, travelling Offgid and emergencies

  • Charge via solar, hand crank and USB
  • Rechargeable built in NiMH battery
  • Cluster of 9 bright white 5 mm LEDs for space illumination and one ultra-bright white LED flashlight
  • Dimmer switch adjusts brightness from night light to ultra-bright
  • Separate Flashlight (Torch)
  • Ultra tough reinforced ABS
  • Up to 60 hours’ constant shine time on low (night) setting, 3 hours (full power), 50 hours for the flashlight
  • Power In (AC adaptor not included) External Solar Panel charging
  • Power Out Mobile phone Charging Output Compatible with standard USB /mini cable


Brand Freeplay

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