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Efergy Shower Timer, Monitor and Alarm


Save water in the shower with the Efergy Shower Timer

Efergy is always looking for new ways to help save energy and resources. Water is an increasingly valuable resource and conserving water is something that everyone can do to help the environment.

The latest product, ShowerTimer, will make you aware of how much water you are using in the shower so you can start saving water today.
Saving water in the shower has a triple effect. It saves water, it saves energy in getting that water to you, and it saves the electricity usedtoheat the water.

As most homes in Australia do not have water meters ShowerTime helps you become aware of how much water you are using.

How does it work?

ShowerTimer measures water flow and alerts you when you have used a certain amount. After it is calibrated for your showerhead, you set the amount of water you want to use and an alarm will remind you when it is time to get out of the shower. More than just a timer and alarm, ShowerTime actually accounts for how much water your shower uses.

Measure. Reduce. Save.


  • Know how much water you use in the shower
  • Helps you save water
  • Reduce your water and electricity bills
  • Easy to set up and use

How to use.

  • Set the time.
  • Decide how much water you would like to use. An average shower uses between 30-50 litres depending on the type of shower and how long you shower for (whereas a bath uses about 80 litres of water).
  • Calibrate the Showertime by inserting your showerhead into the calibration bag and using the monitor to time the water flow until the bag is full.
  • After you begin using Showertime you can adjust the timer to suit your water-saving goals.


Brand Efergy

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